Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Been Window Painting

Wyatt took pitty on us and took some time off to help us. He was fabulous. This is our new Christmas tree. We aren't sure how old our wagon is, we can't remember what we did before wagons. One of our new garlands and some fun font. Most of our season was shirt sleeve weather, we were very lucky. My roller chair and yellow crocks may have looked funny but they saved my feet. Wyatt and I saw this truck in Richfield on our way home this weekend. One of our new nativities. We don't get to do many. Grandpa and Grandma Mortensens windows. We worked out a new choo choo garland but did not get the chance to use it except for here.
Jorgensen Honda in Richfield Santa loves his Rhino Cortnie was actually on a step ladder on top of an old stump. Not very stable. Santa is taking pictures of an elf family. We thought it turned out fun. Look at Cortnie's new packages.
Jensen Property. Cortnie's new brick. We love this angel. Putting it in our book for next year. Very popular this year. Hot pepper garland. Snowman Garland McDonalds Mesquite We started painting Nov 1st and just finished up today. Because of the rain we had to do some repair work this year. 17 years this year. Blogging to late and can't think of anything interesting to blog. More tomorrow?