Monday, January 12, 2009

Heather and Curtis Shorr's baby shower trip

Kathi, Dennis and Julie picked me up and took them with me to Las Angeles to go to Heather's baby shower. Dennis' brother (Glen)put us all up in the Hilton at Hunnington beach. We stayed on the 10th floor in a beautiful suite plus an adjoining room. We felt royal. The view was spectacular. We watched the dophins swim along the beach Sunday morning, it was beautiful. There were tons of people riding wave boards every day in that cold water, not for me but it was fun to watch.
We all took a walk along the beach to the pier and back. (Yes I walked too!) Feet are improving!
We were treated to an amazing champaign brunch there at the hotel by Dennis' brother Glen. Heather and Curtis came to spend a few last minutes before we had to start home. The fresh squeezed orange juice was the best! I think Dennis drank close to a gallon.
The pictures, (taken with my phone) just can't show how pretty it was. You could see the ocean sparkle from this angle and the pool too.
I was trying to show the warming dishes and the pool and the ocean, wish the pictures would have turned out.
Dessert Bar! Everything was delicious, I know cause I sampled it all!
I ate so many raspberries and blueberries that I thought I would pop.
Our room was third floor from the top on ocean side corner there.
I forgot to pack a suit and Wal-mart didn't have suits, if you can beleive that! So no pool/jacuzzi for me, but it was beautiful to look at.
This is the suite living area. All the windows on the left are ocean view balconies. If sort of felt like we were back on the ship.
I have pictures of Katie and Karie in a whole bunch of bubbles, but I decided not to share.
Part of the balcony and view.
If you could just imagine the ocean breeze and warm sunshine. Pictures just don't do the scenery justice.
Looking down at the pool from our rooms.
We watch Ocean Front and this is one of those life guard trucks we see on Hunnington Beach. COOL!
Our cute miracle Callie girl looking for sea shells.
Karie campaigning for something at the beach shops. It worked, by the way. I didn't get any pictures of the shower, but I am sure Mom, Julie and Kathi did. I hope they will share.