Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vacation/Family Reunion in Emery

While we were in Emery we took a couple of 4-wheeler rides. We saw lots of beautiful country. It is out there in the middle of no where, I would hate to get lost because the country is so vast. We scoped out some places that we would like to take everyone next time we are all there. The sand dunes were especially fun and not far off I-70, Grandpa knows the way.
Out there in the middle of nowhere there were great roads and road signs, it is funny to see them because it really is in the middle of nowhere, I mean nothing in sight, ever!!
Grandpa showed us where Butch Cassidy hid out when he came through the area. Some say it is spelled incorrectly so it is not authentic, but it was fun to go see.
Don't you wonder what was happening when the world was forming? Here sits this huge rock in the middle of nowhere, all by itself with nothing like it around. Farther down the trail there is this shale rock that looks as though it was standing in one tall thin sheet and then tipped over and broke into big puzzle pieces. If you could move them you could put the sheet back together. Then there are these big round black volcanic balls that look like they rained down over the top of the shale, but there doesn't seem to be a volcano near by, so strange. I can't imagine what was occurring to make that type of formation. Very cool and very worth the trip to go see.
Dad and I raced with his Sportsman to see who could get the farthest up the sand dunes..............................I won!!!! You guys would love these, especially if we brought Nick and Sammy's bikes. It would be a fun picnic spot for the kids and probably be warm in the late fall since it is on the south side and pretty hot in July. It was a cloudy day and a storm was brewing so not too hot especially when you were moving along. I love to go riding and see the country. The two 4-wheeler trips we took were just what I needed and recharged my batteries, which were running pretty low. Fun Fun Fun!!! I love 4-wheeling and seeing the country, Dad loved it too!