Saturday, June 9, 2007

Beautiful Yellow Flowers

Mom is doing so much better. The best part is that she doesn't have to go back and have another treatment. She is starting to feel better and make plans. We went to Aunt Coleens today and I sewed the edges around some receiving blankets that Mom is working on. It felt good to go somewhere besides a treatment or physical therapy. Mom would like to go for a walk in the mornings when it is cool, but I am not supposed to do exercise walking until my feet get better. I go back to the podiatrist on Monday and see how I am doing.
Esther sent me those beautiful yellow flowers! Yellow is my favorite color. Thanks Bunny, The 3 Grandma's are all enjoying the flowers. I hope everyone will be looking at them instead of looking at the bad photo of me. Mom took the photo from her chair, but I wanted to show the flowers and the (8)Crayon Caddies that I have made this week for the booth at the 24th celebration in Emery. I have also been making Christmas things that I can't talk about. Julie wants me to do a picture for her family like I did for ours, so I have been working on that. I am also working on a landscape for Bryan. Mom says she is coming to my house in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to that. We are going to scan some old slides of Grandma Wiltshires that will be really fun. These slide have the only pictures of Mom's wedding, and much more, so we are excited to get to them .
I miss my grandbabies, so I am sending hugs and kisses to them all. Love Grandma Castle


The Jones Clan said...

I didn't notice you were in the picture ;) I was so mesmorized by the beautiful flowers and the amazingly wonderful crafty crayon crriers! See you soon

Mortensen Family said...

Talk about your over-achiever! You are amazing! Those crayon & marker cozies look AWESOME! Thanks for doing so much and making things so nice!

Have a great day!

Love, Em

Moki said...

Great job MOM! It sounds like you're staying busy and look at all the wonderful things you've gotten done. Thanks to Emily's idea of the crayon cozys...they are really fun and I bet one of those seen in the above picture is for ALEX?! We sure love you and miss you. Keep hanging in there and thanks for representing our family. Give the Gmas big kisses from the boys. Love you mom.

Moki said...

p.s. Thanks Bunn for keeping mom's blog up to date!

Moki said...

Okay ! enough of the beautiful flowers...WE WANT MORE!!! Love Moki

Hilton Herd said...

Hey momma Connie, those crayon things are soooo cool! Great job!