Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Like Mother Like Son

Kevin has decided that he likes to play the piano with Mom. Doesn't matter how it sounds, it's the making of the music that really counts. Shine on shine on yellow moon. Took this picture last night as the moon was coming up. I took this picture this morning as the moon was going down. Sure was purtty! Esther got a new camera, so she gave me her old one. Yahooeee!!!!


Mortensen Family said...

Cute piano duet players!

We also saw that huge moon last night...it was beautiful. This morning when I walked out with Bryan as he was leaving for work at 4:30am I told Bryan that it looked like there was an eclipse of the moon. I looked online tonight and sure enough August 28, 2007 total lunar eclipse! COOL!!!!

GOod Job BLoggin'

Love ya, Em

Mom M said...

Your pictures of the moon were very pretty. I wanted to see the eclipse of the moon, but was tooo lazy to get up at 2 in the morning to see it when it was a full eclipse. I love the picture of Esther and Kevin from the back at the piano. Take lots of pictures of your ride at the Big Rock Candy Mountain to put on your blog.

The Jones Clan said...

I'm sure Kevin will be a "concert pianist" in no time!!