Sunday, October 21, 2007

ATV with the Villezcas'

Look at those cool shades. Arthur's Dad wanted to go on an ATV ride, so we went.Esther and Nick were doing house building stuff, so Kevin went with us. I took a shot over my shoulder and out the back of the coverd wagon.Those two boys are at the age, that if Grandpa or Grandma hold one they must hold the other. Very competative and hard on the back.
The two grandpa's waded out into the water with the Villezcas boys to play in the water. Kevin and Grandma stayed ashore. We drove up the river for a while but we couldn't find a way back up on top of the mesa.
It was really fun driving through the water and it was nice and cool. We need to get some maps and go for another ride and see what we can find.
This is the view from on top of the mesa. You can't see it really well but the valley looks really green and pretty from up there.
Fun trip.


Mortensen Family said...

I love the picture that you took over-your-shoulder-through-the-the-
Were you also driving? What a multi-tasker you are!!! :)

Love, Em

The Jones Clan said...

We wish we could have been there!!