Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's just never too late

He even looks smarter.......................don't you think?


The Jones Clan said...

CONGRATS on getting your Associates as a freshman during your fouth year at CCSN. I know you'll be a great Vetrinarian because you LOVE children. I'm sure it's an award you'll remember for as long as you can!!

We are so Proud,
Love us Jones People.

Mortensen Family said...

Congratulations is right!!! I am very proud of you! You deserve a weekend of nothin' but popcorn, nachos and videos...all to yourself!

"Hey, Nachos gots enzines!"

Love ya tons, Em

Moki said...

So like why didnt I get invited to the celebration dinner or like did we just not have one????and if there is still one planned, do i get to come??? CONGRATS POP! You're my HERO!!! Love you!