Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Working in the Yard and a home improvement project!

Got lots of helpers at the Castle
Kevin helping water down the sand after we got it in place!
Tadum! We painted an old 55 gallon drum to cover the septic cleanout and Kevin helped!!Part of the work crew after the mud bogging contest, he won!
Grandpa Clell fixed our shield,we painted it and Grandpa Castle hung it up and put the swords in.
We think it looks very cool.


Moki said...

Great Work! Everything looks incredible! Keep up the good work. You're my hero...and those boys are adorable (even the one in the pink hat!) Love you

Mortensen Family said...

I am lovin' the paint job on that 55 gallon drum....most impressive!
I too think the swords and shield look great!

Cute lit'l helpers ya got there!

Love you all, Em

The JOnes Clan said...

Great work Mom! Kevin loves going outside and "helping" everyday. He is an outside boy for sure. NOthing stops him from exploring or having fun. The yard is looking Awesome. Keep up the fantabulous work!

Mom Mac said...

Connie, you are the hardest worker I know. I am anxious to see all of the work you have done in the yard. I am making my list of projects to do. We will see how far i get on them !!! I like your shield and swords. It looks great above your door. Love, Mom
PS: I think all of your helpers are cute!!!