Sunday, August 19, 2007

Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Around the Pond

Wyatt and I are working on getting the pump set up again so that we can irrigate the pasture, so that we can disc it, so that we can try to plant it once again. We have planted it 3 times over the last 16 years and never had a good pasture or much of anything actually come up. I would like it to be green and nice and easily mowed so that it will look nice. Is that too much to ask for?
We had to row out to where we needed to drop the intake and it was so much fun we decided to take a spin around the pond. Who can that actractive couple be?


Mom Mac said...

I like your music!! It also looks like you and Wyatt wee having fun??? I'm sure that it was so cool and refreshing !!! I know that one of these days you will really have a pretty place. You have certainly worked hard enough on it. Thanks for your help with the grocery shopping. Love, Mom

Mortensen Family said...

Very cute post! I think you two look like young lovers down there in the canoe!;)

I love the picture on your side bar. Cute couple for sure!

Love ya tons, Em