Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We painted at Don Luigi's Monday morning early starting around midnight! We finished around 11am. Here I am painting on the chalk board paint. Wyatt was at home tending/sleeping, Kevin.
It is a community chalk board where the kids, or anyone, can come and make comments or leave messages for their friends. We also drew a cartoon town map that includes some of the note worthy locations around town. And of course our favorite note worthy location. The Mortensen Castle!!! See more on the girls blogs!!


The Jones Clan said...

Fun times, Fun memories, let's not ever do it again!!!!!!

Mortensen Family said...

Holy Smokes,

I hope ol' Don Luigi is making it worth your time...if you know what I mean! Good Job on the painting! Very Cool!!

Love ya, Em

Mom Mac said...

The three of you are just tooo accommodating !! What a great job you all did. I am sure that everyone that sees it will love it !!! What did Don Luigi have to say about the finished project?