Monday, September 24, 2007

The Fall Leaves were Fabulous

So we headed up to Emery this weekend for an ATV trail ride to see the fall leaves.
The air was crisp and smelled of pines and fall leaves, the view was spectacular.
It rained all night Friday night so Grandpa took us for a ride in the desert to avoid the wet roads. Their was a completely different view every half hour of trail riding.
We thought we might get rainded on, but the clouds just chased us around, it didn't rain until we got home both days. This is up by Copper Globe Mine Grandpa showed us this monument there in the middle of the wilderness, we thought it was an interesting story. Wyatt was having the best time going ahead and checking everything out for us. We could see his tracks all over the place when we would come up behind. It doesn't look like it but the wind was blowing pretty hard up here on the top and it sounded really cool in the pine trees, like in scary movies. It was also cold right here on top. The canyon was miles deep and with the wind blowing I was afraid when Mom walked out on the edge to take pictures so I made her sit down. You could see forever. You can't really see the colors, but the red on top really contrasted with the white rock below, it kind of looked like a top of a castle. We were riding along in another washed out road minding our own business ....When we spotted this owl watching us.
We went so far into the wilderness that we must have passed through Kansas, because we ended up finding the yellow brick road. Very CoolMom and I hiked up over this smallish mountain to see what we could see, after exhausting ourselves because it was farther than it looked, we took our pictures. Then a little bit down the trail you could see the very same thing. Oh well it was good exercise. Mom spotted this big bug, he was hurrying around getting ready for winter. He was about 2 inches long and scary looking. Emily, you wouldn't like him at all. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the flowers. There were so many brave fall flowers blooming for the last time this year. The weather was nice but moving along it was a little chilly, so there we all are bundled up warm. The colors were just to beautiful to describe and don't really show in photo's. We even saw some indian writtings. Mom stopped us when she saw these wild choke cherries, to tell us how they used to make choke cherry jam when she was a little girl. You will have to have her tell you the story. On the way home all the mountain tops had snow. It was pretty to see the fall leaves with the snow high in the back ground. We are already planning another trip next fall, I hope all the family can come next year, it is worth the trip.


Mom Mac said...

It was really a great trip and the colors of the leaves and also the colored rocks were much more brilliant than the pictures show !!!
Connie you didn't tell how we rode in the bottom of washes most of the way and a lot of the time we were in mud and water. It was fun!!! I am already looking forward to the next trip!!!

The Jones Clan said...

We wish we could ahev amde it. The whole time you were gone we told people where you were and how jelous we were. I'm glad you had a marvelous time.

Mortensen Family said...

Very cool Pictures!

I would have absolutely, definitely been totally freaked out by that completely ugly bug!

And I would LOVE to hear the story about how Gma made the choke cherry jam.

That picture of those purple flowers make me happy! I LOVE PURPLE FLOWERS....especially wild flowers!

Love ya tons, Em

Love ya

Love ya, Em

The Castle Carrage said...

Love you too Em!! :)