Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Moki. I hope I blog a blog for you later.

#1 Kitchen Sink
I would like to pretend that this is not how my sink always looks but this is pretty much how my sink always looks. Well sometimes I change the things in the window.

#2 Fridge

This is how my fridge usually looks unless it is worse. The family from Costa Rica asked if everyone in America had this much food in their fridge all the time. I think most people do, except for Mom, her fridge is always tidy and bare.

#3 Bathroom
I can't remember what comes next so I am doing bathroom. I sort of wanted log cabin/moose sort of theme but Wyatt wanted Rubber Ducky, so now you all know who the real boss in the family is. Wyatt!!!

#4 Me Right Now!

I go to Esther's in the mornings at 7 am and do Ab's and Bun's of steel and then take the kids on a short (my feet) wagon ride. Then I head down to Liz Adams for a 1 1/2 hour swim. I do wash my face and brush my teeth, but I don't see any reason to do makeup? Well I didn't, but now I do! YIKES!

#5 Laundry Room

I am still working on the stuff from the ATV trip. We'll working isn't really the correct word, more like..........?.........changing the loads if I happen to be in the dungeon.

#6 Favorite Room
This is where we play. We do crafts, sewing, dance pads, karaoke, read books, sleep, watch movie, conference, olympics etc. We have tried to make it appealing to our Grandchildren because that is what is the most fun, playing with our babies.
#6 Kids
Well this is a puzzle I have of the kids. They aren't really here for me to take pictures of at the moment. I was disappointed to think I was only blessed with three, but they were a pretty great three and look at us now.
(I am actually a little miffed at Esther for insisting I do this right now. She may be grounded and removed from the previous remark.)

#7 Favorite Shoes

Well anything squishy with extra squishy added for my poor old feet. Any color will do. #8 Closet

My closet was the closest but not the most tidy. I call my bedroom "command headquarters" because that is where the computer is, so that is where I take care of business. So that is why the books on the shelves in the closet.

#9Favorite Vacation Destination?

Check out the previous blogs. ATV Marysvale was an all time favorite and so was The Carribean Cruise with Mom and my Sisters.

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Emily said...

That was fun! You are such a funny gal! Thanks for all you do! I hope your feet are feeling a little better today! Or a lot!!

Love ya loads, Em