Monday, September 22, 2008


So on the last day of our trip we went over to the "Rock Store". It was in the basement of the owners of the cabin. There were lots of beautiful rocks and they were fun to see. There were lots of beautiful polished rocks. Keith does this as a hobby and he was full of interesting information and fun facts to share with us. Aunt Cortnie is the Pied Piper for children, she loves them and they love her. Kevin loves to go to Aunt Mokie's to play just about anytime.
Myra Nellie had the prettiest, softest velvet dress on for church. We all got to admire our pretty gal on Sunday morning before they left for Circleville. What a model!! Here are some cute boys doing what cute boys do best. Hee Hee, ATV Trail Face. We all took a little dust to the face. I am so photogenic and look pretty spiffy with a unibrow. If I do say so myself. Our cute little Mother Hen and her chick. Actually the oldest and youngest grandbabies. Esther Chillin Everywhere we went there was something beautiful to see. Kevin and Jacob were asleep in the four wheelers, so we left some babysitters at the ATV's and the rest of us went on the steep hike with very little oxygen . It is pretty high altitude right there. Even Mom and I made it up to the water fall, with a little help. I didn't take many pictures but everyone else did, so you can check out their blogs to see the scoop. Can't wait for next year.


Emily said...

Sooo fun! I can't quit laughing about your story!! Thank goodness for camping with!

GOod Job BlogGiN!

Those Jones People said...

I would love to buy about 12 more of those necklaces!!! The trip was soo much fun! Thank you for making it possible. Nick and were surprised that gas only cost us $300, we thought it would be a lot more!!!! I love the dust in the face pictures. It goes to show, no matter who you are, everyone looks good in dust!