Monday, September 8, 2008

Somebody is getting to be a pretty good swimmer!!

Alex has always hated getting splashed or water on his face, until he got some goggles! Grandma isn't getting much aerobic in but she gets lots of exercise just the same!!!
Liz Adams is gracious enough to let us come and use her lovely pool not that the county pools are closed for the season.
Another one of those fearless swimmers. We actually had to preform a few life saving techniques. YIKES!
Cortnie and Esther let me bully them into coming along and bringing the babies! I know it is a lot of work, but the kiddies just love it. (And so do the Mom's once they get there)!
I'm not sure who this is or why my blog person put this picture here???
Fall is fast approaching! But I say play while the sun shines!


Emily said...

Cute little swimmers. I think that guy was hitting on Moki in that video??!! Very obvious! I am almost sure it is a guy, by the lack of shirt...but maybe not so sure if the 'guy' is older than 8?! Either way...he's hitting on Moki! :)

Those Jones People said...

Hahaha. The boy is one of Bobbie Chandlers twins. I think he is 10 now. It's a good thing Auntie Moki gets in the water with the kids. Mommy has just been too tired to do much of anything!!!