Friday, December 12, 2008

Part two of Chirstmas Windows

The Lin's stores in St. George, Hurricane,Cedar and Richfield had us do these angels. The theme for all the stores was "We Beleive".This Joy turned out a lot prettier than it looks. GeraLynn drew it and painted it.
Here is that other set of caroling snow people at the Casa before we had to add the ear muffs.
At hole 19 they came out with a helmet and asked if we could put the U on the door. So we did.
GeraLynn came to visit Mom for a while so she agreed to come help us paint the casino's for a couple days. Mom came with her and helped the gimp. I try to sit and paint when I can, but Mom would push me around like a wheel chair. A couple times we almost biffed it when we would hit a crack in the walk.
The gift shop/spa didn't want any garland on their nice big windows but they did want the little panes on the doors done.
Poinsettea wreath!
We got a flat tire and had to go over to Valley Tire here in Overton. They didn't have the size of tire that we needed and couldn't fix our tire so they traded us these two tires for a painting. The tires arent the same size as the front and the truck travels really rough but me and the truck just limped through the rest of the season and we will have to get the correct tires for the truck, wish it was that easy for me.
One morning heading to Mesquite we ran into fog, not something you see much of here in the desert. It was pretty cool. The news said maybe snow this weekend? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And that's all I got to say about that.

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