Friday, December 12, 2008

Window Painting Season 2008

This was our 18th year of painting windows. Esther watched the babies and Cortnie and I went out into the craziness.
Cortnie hates this snowman but everyone picks it. She put it in for its font but is taking it out of our book and off of our website. I think he is kind of cute. We used to never get to paint Merry Christmas but more and more people are getting fed up with being politically correct. So we get more and more requests for Merry Christmas. It doesn't fit as well because the words are not the same amount of letters, but we like it. One year Jane Bush asked for a snowflake garland, we said we didn't have one but we tried it and it is now one of our most popular garlands. It is fast and easy, so it is one of our favorites too. Even though Cortnie claims she can't draw, she drew this little elf in Henderson and I think he is adorable. She also drew this little elf that she made up off the top of her head. I have nothing in my head, I have to copy.
This is one of Cortnie's very clever fonts.She does all the lettering for this business.
And some of Cortnie's famous candy cane striped lettering. Cortnie painted these festive clothes on the old faded John Wayne poster at Uncle Bucks in Mesquite! This is our new caroling snowmen. We also did them at Casa Blanca, where a lady at the Purple Fez restaurant watching us could just not be happy until we put ear muffs on the little guy.
Santa "dozing" at Trade West. It was so hot that day on the south side, that we were melting.I had to cut the long sleeves off of Cortnie's shirt. Wyatt came and helped us on his days off. He has been worried about my feet holding up! They held. It was fun to have him along doing all the heavy lifting and driving the beast. Cortnie made up these fun packages, I can't even paint that low. This is one of our new trees this year. The original picture is an all white tree, but we like it in green too! We don't get to do nativities very often, maybe that is why it isn't our best. This one is in Richfield and it was very cold on that north side. ( Did I mention my feet hurt on the ladder?)
This one is at Sugar's and on very small windows. It is hard for us to do small, all our brushes are big. Also you may notice one of our new trees. This is one of our first year Nativities that we dusted off and painted at the Logandale Chevron's Giant Windows. One year when I was painting this one on Napa Auto Parts a women walked by and said, "what cute poodles". Just for the record, they are sheep. Mesquite Tile wanted a washing machine with a snowman melted in it so we used Cortnie's clothes line writing. I think it turned out cute. Poor, poor melted snowman. Some people do adds. This next one is the store of the Red Hat Lady who arranged the tea party on our roof for the Mesquite chapter of Red Hats. The beast and the wagon.
I think that wagon has been dropped off the truck and run over at least half a dozen times. Every year for the last 5 years we wonder if the beast will make it another season. It did. Kind of reminds me of me. This cute little suntanning snow girl is on a tanning salon in Richfield. She is determined! Everyone knows that tan cellulite looks better than white cellulite;)

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Emily said...

You gals are amazing! I love love love Cortnie's writing. I know I always say that...but it is truly true!

And all of your windows are adorable! They are by far the cutest and most creative of anyone's I have ever seen in my whole entire life! :)

Good Job Gals!